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Top 5 Ways To Use Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality For Events? 

Top 5 Ways To Use Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality For Events There are many programs for an augmented fact and digital fact. One of the primary programs of that technology is observed in times with an AR image selling space placed in a summit of the essential incidents extensive.

Top Virtual Reality (VR) Service Providers in Bangladesh

Fields of Virtual Reality in Bangladesh Virtual Reality (VR) has the capacity to transport you to a new place and time. It is actually an extension of augmented reality. This next generation visual technology is used to make futuristic experiences where participants play games with 360-degree movement and control. It

Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps in Education

How to Develop Augmented Reality Apps for Education Augmented reality (AR) can serve a variety of purposes in your classroom. This exciting technology layers virtual content on top of the real world, providing an opportunity for students to interact with content in a completely new way. Augmented Reality (AR) is

How to Develop Invest and Monitize Hyper Casual Game

What is a Hyper-Casual Game? A casual gamer is a player who enjoys any video game without investing significant time to it, playing it spontaneously, irregularly, or infrequently. We are well known about this word “simplicity”, literally “tap to play.” A hyper-casual game refers to a lightweight game with minimal

How Virtual & Augmented Reality is Transforming Retail Industry

How Virtual & Augmented Reality is Transforming Retail Industry Among the numerous contribution of science & technology virtual reality is one of the most popular technical product which is become so desired by the modern world.on this current era technology is always trying to solve our daily problem and overcome

A Complete Guide to Augmented Reality Industry | Introducing Azmi Studio

The word Augment is meant to increase something or making great by adding some elements. So Augmented is increasing of any object value by mixing or adding other elements. The term Augmented Reality sounds like a science fictional fantasy but in practice, it is the technology that agitates our regular

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