Started in 2018, AZMI STUDIOS has expanded from being a game development company to a full-fledged technology venture dealing with AR/VR/MR, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies.

Our team includes some of the top game developers, AR/VR/MR specialists, designers, artists, animators, and technology experts in the industry. We believe that constant innovation is the key to building successful products.

Azmi Studio had a humble beginning as a mobile game development company in Bangladesh. Have glims of some of the top mobile games, AR/VR/MR applications we developed. Your’s could be next. We provide the best experience for our clients by blurring the boundaries between art and engineering.

We have successfully delivered projects on different domains and have a client base across the globe including the US, Canada, UK, China, India, and European countries. Let’s Build Great Things Together


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Leading from the front

Azmi Studio offers brand new and customized solutions based on the expectations of the clients and the services will be delivered with high quality assets at cost effective rates in a certain periods of times

We Help Startups & Brands Work Smart

Azmi is a Game, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality studio specializing in hyper-realistic immersive experiences. We employ a team of dedicated artists, designers, and engineers with a proven track record of success.

Leverage the power of innovation and technology to boost your brand, with the industry leaders catering number of businesses globally.

How Azmi can help

From startup to enterprise and industries like healthcare, education, game, IoT, defense to entertainment. We work with all business verticals from the world and deliver the best mobile apps, AR/VR/MR applications, games, animation and enterprise solutions.

We create stunning, inspiring, and memorable virtual experiences. Starting with our incredibly real architectural renderings, 3D illustrations, models, and animations, Azmi has developed expertise in Game Development, Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR) that can service any need for visual communication. 

Industry recognition drives us


Meet the Team


Teams produce great work. Azmi Studio believes in this adage. Our team of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, 2D/3D games, web & mobile app developers, and creative designers are bonded together by an invisible thread. The thread of team camaraderie helps us get work done against all odds.

We have professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels. Our diverse team helps bring to the table a unique value that helps us drive innovation.

When we say we are a team that does it all, we mean it. Give us a shot and you will know what we mean.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to enhance business growth of our customers with creative design, development and to deliver market defining high quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to customers around the globe.


To be the first choice for clients who want affordable, state-of-the-art technology solutions for multi-faceted business requirements.
Our Values
Our Moral Compass that Drives us Forward

Azmi Studio is made up of people; people who put passion into everything they do. We are the dreamers and the doers. And everything our people do is molded around a set of values:

A great project includes a great delivery, with regular status updates, scope control and Customer Engagement

Our projects are delivered with a tailored solution in mind at the forefront of tech innovation

Whether a single job or a portfolio of projects, we want to construct a long lasting Client Relationship with a mutual support network.

We ensure no two projects are the same, ensuring our Clients goals and aspirations are met through Customer Focused Delivery

Quickly find the best models

We offers game, ar/vr, web and mobile app development: part-time hiring, full-time hiring and hourly hiring. Our engagement models are designed to give you maximum flexibility while helping you meet your resource requirements.

Part-time Hiring

Part-time Hiring

Hourly Hiring

Project Basis

We would love to hear from you

A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Get in touch with us and we will begin a partnership that will take your business to new heights.

Our Business Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles on which Starloop Studios was founded. They serve as the ethical compass that prescribes how we must act in order to achieve our mission to significantly increase the success of the team.


Our word is bond. We will do the things we say we will do. When we are entrusted a task, we get it done and we amply exceed the expectations.


We communicate with transparency and integrity; no unrealistic expectations or hidden catches. We are loyal allies to those we form partnerships with.


We never stop learning, and we can learn something from anyone. We cherish personal growth, and make sure our individual workers continue to learn and grow.


We provide our services with determination, ambition and care. We always in line with our clients’ expectations and in a way that makes us proud of what we do.

Do you have a project? We have a team to get you there

The masterpieces we have crafted so far They asked we delivered. Get to know behind-the-scenes details about the clients we’ve worked with and how our game, AR/VR/MR, web & mobile app development service enhanced their business. Yours could be next.

Good Talks Make Good Projects

Azmi Studio didn’t make tall promises. We just delivered. We understood our perspective and constraints and produced a bang-on product. Loved working with us and would recommend without any second thoughts.

What Our Clients Says

"Very creative and understand the idea or thought to put that into reality, you can always take the service from them. wish them all the success."
Fahim Al Matin
Country Manager- at Edcon
"The levels of communication and availability were particularly impressive. Flexible and efficient, the team delivered both versions within set deadlines."
Jatin Vaghela
Founder at Awakeen Studio
"Their willingness to respond in a very fast. The team delivered the project within a short timeline. We can expect responsiveness and professionalism."
Contrivance Ltd
Bangabandhu Military Museum- Azmi Studio

Prime minister inaugurated the newly built Bangabandhu Military Museum at Bijoy Sarani. 

We're proud to deliver stunning and immersive virtual reality & Mixed Reality (HoloLens) solutions.  Big thank you to Bangladesh Army for trusting our capability and helping us deliver the VR Tank Simulation, VR Jeep, VR Bunker, VR Artillery, and 11 Sector of Bangladesh HoloLens project on time.

New exciting experiences await …