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Azmi Studio explores the possibilities of both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality for various applications that can benefit from the AR/VR technology. We help users interact with AR/ VR apps solutions that are unique in itself. Our AR/ VR apps development services incorporate real-world presence within the virtual world by truly delivering an immersive experience for the future!

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AR/ VR Services

Interactive Walls and Floor

We are known within the industry to make Interactive Walls and Floor Apps that enable the interaction of varied movements and actions for various uses.

HTC Vive

We offer VR game and apps development services for your new brand or business that supports the HTC Vive platform with fully-tracked motion controllers to access a sort of technology and amplify your consumer experience.

Oculus Go

We have hired talented AR/VR developers to make computer game applications for social, entertainment, or educational experience to blend the potential of the varied industry verticals with the extensive.

AR Application

Our team of AR Application developers drive product communication and ensure uphill code development for planning immersive virtual figure within the world .

Interactive Virtual Experiences

We help users navigate apparently in the real world ensuring Interactive VR Experiences with location-based features.

Google Card-Board

Our skilled squad of VR developers put immense effort into designing great user experiences in Virtual Reality Solutions by employing low-cost Google Cardboard platforms and allows visualizing content through the lenses.

VR & AR Game

We leverage ARKit and other AR/VR platforms to Develop VR & AR Game with terrific features.

Virtual Tour Application

Our Virtual Tour Applications utilize VR for the best possible immersive user experience of any place in the world!

Kids & Educational Apps and Games

We leverage AR and VR games with inventive digital overlays and camera interactions for creating a variety of Kids & Educational Apps and Games.

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Types of Industries

Each AR/ VR genre within apps ecosystem is unique and demands individual approaches while designing an apps. Moreover, our AR/ VR application development capacities enable our developers team  to deliver engaging, attractive, and high performing apps in any desired genre.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is an exceptional technology that makes you believe your presence in complete another world you want to be in.

Augmented Reality (AR)

We, The Azmi Studio give our 100% efforts in helping businesses having different Industrial Experiences to expand their Customer Engagement and help them create brand identity with visually enriched Augmented Reality Applications.

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AR/ VR Solutions
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AR/ VR  have definitely been a turning point in the arena of marketing industry. An innovative platform has been created with the Virtual Reality apps. With the Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality app you will definitely be able to reach to a bigger customer base. It ensures cost-effectiveness of your marketing strategies as well. AR/ VR utilizes simulate environment for a better user experience. Imagine the fantasy and excitement when you are a part of such an amazing experience

  Frequent Ask Questions 

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Augmented Reality means augmenting digital or 3D elements into the living world using smartphone devices or cameras. Whereas Virtual Reality is an interactive depiction of the real world that shuns down the physical world.

The VR development cost depends on one’s requirement of developing mobile VR games or mobile VR apps. Once we know the required functionality, our team can provide the estimation for VR Development costs.

The AR development costs depend on the feature list and app functionality. Our team will provide the estimated cost for developing AR-based apps after the strategic analysis of the project.

In the past, we have been successful in serving AR/VR development solutions to sectors like Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Manufacturing, and Technical Training.

We consider ourselves the best AR/VR development company and ensure robust development solutions including the deliverables of immersive virtual experience and extensive customer support.


Our QA team renders testing services before the release process to ensure the app has a seamless performance with the right functionality. We also provide support and maintenance even after the launch given the project stipulation.

We depend on industry-standard platforms like Unity 3D, Arkit, and Arcore to develop AR/VR applications matching your project requirements and domain functionality.

Our team of AR/VR developers will understand your project needs, budget, business logistics, and services to provide the best quote for developing a virtual reality application or augmented reality apps.

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