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3D Organon Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is an essential part of medicine. This MR app represents a unique approach to learning general anatomy.

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About MR Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is essential part of medicine. This app represents a unique approach of learning general anatomy.

Thanks to excellent graphics, informative content and innovative features is learning rich and engaging experience. The user works in comfortable and enjoyable setting. You really liked this app. Very helpfull and nicely made!

We proudly support the Medical Center of Excellence in this training mission by developing MR training software tailored to their needs.

About MR Human Anatomy
Medical & Training
Unity, C#, HoloLens 2
Mixed Reality (MR)
MR Streaming

Visual Results Video!

3D Organon Human Anatomy- Mixed Reality (MR)


Early Access Mixed Reality 3D Anatomy Training!

What’s more, our client wanted the application to be modular and easy to work with for people of different technical skills – from elite to mass people. This meant we had to create very detailed and precise documentation and easy-to-use tools in the software itself.

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