What is an Interactive Digital Kiosk? Definition, Functioning, Types, Advantages

What is a Digital Kiosk? Also known as an interactive kiosk or electronic kiosk, it is a module or computer that is placed in a strategic public place and works as a self-service so that people can perform various actions through this automated window that offers multiple services.

They have a touch screen in most cases and are placed in places where there is a lot of flow of people to be able to provide information, sell, make records or automate some processes. They incorporate a hardware, monitor, printer, microphone and keyboard with software that provides information efficiently so that users can obtain the benefits they offer.
The best interactive kiosk providers supply touchscreen devices that are not only simple and useful for people to use, but also easy to manage. These days, interactive kiosks are one of the most effective ways of communicating and engaging with customers. Additionally, they can help your business look and feel more modern, while also better serving your customers lio
According to TechRadar The best interactive kiosk providers of 2021 is Kiosk Information Systems, Meridian, Redyref, Advanced Kiosks, LamasaTech

What are the Advantages of Interactive Kiosks?

Being self-service, these electronic modules give you access to information quickly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since they do not depend on someone to assist you. In addition, they represent new forms of income, facilitate processes and, therefore, increase sales, show areas of interest, web pages and information portals, allow to advertise events, have the possibility of making efficient use of resources, have the ability to give clear explanations, reproduce high quality videos, reduce costs, help business growth and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

They are quite versatile since they can be installed in lobbies, embedded in walls, placed on islands or commercial premises. They are also quite safe since, although there are many valuable documents that these interactive modules have, there is no way they can be taken directly.

This, added to the fact that there is no contact with any other person, makes the transactions to be carried out quite safe and gives that peace of mind and confidence to the people who use them.

How Many Types of Electronic Kiosks are There?

There are two types of interactive kiosks:

- Informative or consultation electronic kiosks: They are those that are used only, as their name indicates, to provide information on certain specific topics. They are easy to use and quite intuitive.

- Multi-service electronic kiosks: Like the previous kiosks, these also provide information; however, in multi services you can generate transactions to pay either with cash or with a card. They have a great diversity of online services and can even issue different formats and documents that are validated by different institutions.

Specific functions of digital kiosks

Some examples of functions they have are the following:
01. Operational, governmental and human resources procedures

02. Payment of telephone, water and electricity

03. Get a license plate

04. Biomedical records

05. Property payment

06. Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates

07. Consultation of balances and proof of not owed water

08. Payment of possession and traffic offenses

09. Renewal and duplicate driver's license

10. No criminal record letters

11. Payments of rights, patents, public deeds

12. Contracts and testament rights

13. Consultation and printing of payroll receipts, among many others.

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