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We are here to help you with your Hololens related issues. We will find support in cross-industry uses of Hololens 2 applications, practical services, and cases to develop unique use. This way can alter how people work, communicate, and share something with others and facilitate them.

To ensure a better outcome and accurate service to users, Hololens develops the custom enterprise.

One individual can quickly get a free consultation to improve the business and solve any problem.

It also respects the ideas even it involves small working prototypes.

Would you like to test your HoloLens project ideas with the HoloLens content app development team at Azmi Studio?

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  • HoloLens provides a wide field for work.  Industrial training also gives the facility of better 3D visualization and user interface.
  • The trainees can learn holographic projection because of on the job guidance facilities.
  • The fresher gets a safe environment to learn and can gain practical experience.
  • Have better communication among the HoloLens services of different locations. So they can share the same data and view among themselves.



  • Act as a remote assistant. One can easily share his view with the expert whenever it needs.
  • Opportunity to get relevant data about work orders at any time via mobile.
  • Due to sharing of video and photos containing documents, the maintenance and repairing process has become more accessible.
  • To ensure product quality and instant services, 365number of remote assistances work all the time.

Support Frontline Worker


  • It also works to support frontline workers and show the step-to-step working process. Able to assist them with checklists and visual inspection.
  • Provides the training to fresher and also the upskill veteran to train.
  • By solving and collaborating the difficulties supports the workers and makes them able to acquire deep knowledge.

University Level Research


  • HoloLens plays a vital role in the university’s mixed and augmented reality-based research sector. It makes prototypes and aids their R&D efforts.
  • The researchers get support to run their subject-associated researches and related systems.
  • Make the requirements of the researches available in the form of the review article. It is used to collect, store, and share it, which act as raw research materials. 
  • With the help of holographic control and voice command improve students’ knowledge and basic concept.

Product Management


  • It Helps the seller team with customization and showcases of their product. It visualizes the interaction with the environment and a clear concept about products function.
  • Plays rules to create interaction between distributors and marketers.
  • Show 3D models to the users. And also present different manipulations, dynamic interactions, and materials alterations that are essential for users to know.



  • Provide remote health care facilities. The health care team can provide real-time treatment, consult, and take the patient from a remote position. 
  • Develop good communication between the patient and physician and thus facilitate the patient’s treatment.
  • Provides high-quality CT scans and MRI images that are supportive of surgery.
  • Ensure good care and management of the patients having aging and undesirable issue.

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With our good grasp on app development and good experience related to platforms like HoloLens, HoloLens 2, light, AjnaLens, Magic Leap, and One, we can develop cutting-edge solutions for your requirements.

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Need something which is not listed here and is unique? Don’t worry. Mixed Reality Developers at The Azmi Studio can help you out in that. Our diverse experience makes us capable of delivering unique solutions. Contact us, discuss your requirement and it’ll be done.

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Mixed reality is the next wave in computing following mainframes, PCs, and smartphones. Mixed reality is going mainstream for consumers and businesses. It liberates us from screen-bound experiences by offering instinctual interactions with data in our living spaces and with our friends. Online explorers, numbering in the hundreds of millions around the world, have experienced mixed reality through their devices. 

The Mixed Reality apps development cost depends on your project requirement. Once we know everything about your features and required functionality than we can proceed forwards. We give you the opportunity for your accurate app cost estimation, mail us and you will get proper budgets.

In the past, we have been successful in serving MR development solutions to sectors like Training, Civil defense, Real Estate, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, and Technical Training.

We consider ourselves the best MR development company and ensure robust development solutions including the deliverables of immersive virtual experience and extensive customer support.


For developing a Mixed Reality app our team of developers needs to understand based on your project need, budgets, functionality, features, logistics, support and services.

We depend on industry-standard platforms like Unity 3D, Arkit, Arcore, AR.js and Blender, Google SketchUp to develop AR/VR/MR applications matching your project requirements and domain functionality.

Our software Quality assurance team proceeds with testing services before the release process of work. Any custom software, including AR/ VR/ MR apps, the game requires further maintenance and support services after it has been designed and released to the market. So we take this responsibility In that way, you may count on numerous benefits.

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