What is a Hyper-Casual Game?

A casual gamer is a player who enjoys any video game without investing significant time to it, playing it spontaneously, irregularly, or infrequently. We are well known about this word “simplicity”, literally “tap to play.” A hyper-casual game refers to a lightweight game with minimal design and mechanics that offer instant game play.

But beyond the minimalist design, the biggest reason for the success of the hyper-casual genre was because of the maturation of the mobile games industry. These types of game are relatively easy to produce and instantly playable but infinitely replay able, making them highly addictive and engaging. 

A Hyper-casual game has widest number of players because it offers a high level of entertainment and enjoyable mindset. Players passing hours of hours playing this game and publisher most often generate revenue from in-app-ads, rather than in-app purchases.

The most prominent strategy publishers follow this genre is start quick design and publishes the game, after publishing; the goal is to acquire as many users as possible.

User acquisition depends on paid (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube) and no-paid ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing strategy. After getting a significant user base, revenue is obtained through paid ads displayed in the game.

Who is Hyper-Casual Gamer?

Casual games are popular because they are designed for the general public so anyone can enjoy them and they are usually designed in a pick-up-and-play style. During the office ride, or while waiting to see the doctor, the hyper-casual gamer likes to kill time.

They just don’t care about genre as long as they’re amused and dedicated. Now a day it becomes popular on ride sharing platform (Pathao, Uber) riders and e-commerce courier platform delivery boy whose enjoy their free time playing casual game.

Key Features of a Hyper-Casual Game

1. Hyper-casual games should be so simple you can understand them without a tutorial.

2. User interface of hyper-casual games should be minimalistic.

3. Hyper-casual games should be able to play infinitely.

4. Play in public transport, while you’re watching the TV, even on the toilet.

Why Should Invest & Monetize To Develop your next Hyper-Casual Game?

Often developed in a matter of weeks, even days! Quickly designed and published. If you want to develop a casual game, what kinds of positions should you hire for?  It’s pretty complicated question that takes a long time to figure out. Sometimes it takes 3 people to develop a game and sometimes 200 people; everything depends on the scale of your project. If the testing period shows that the game has potential, the game is published and advertised.

Hyper-casual games are mass market; they appeal to a wide audience because of their simplicity. Short game loops make it easy to play literally anywhere.

Majority of monetization in hyper-casual games is through ads, quality is important. It’s crucial to maintain a good user experience while maximizing player touch points with ads, and this requires optimizing the frequency and format of ads. Often, the best option is a skip able video after one or several of the most prominent game loops.

In contrast, hyper-casual games generally offer few in-app purchases (IAPs), which usually account for more than 70% of revenue for other genres, and instead monetize through a mix of video, playable, banner, and interstitial ads.

The powerful marketing funnel will drive the growth of hyper-casual games. Hyper-casual games are easy to produce and simple to play, and with the right advertising push, hyper-casual games can generate millions!

What you can learn from the top and best hyper-casual games in the market

1. Test marketability quickly and early before wasting resources on a game without a market

2. Bid competitively

3. Double down on creative’s as the key part of your user acquisition strategy

Hyper casual and ad monetization are proving to go hand in hand” – are changing the landscape of the monetization game. Hyper-Casual games have opened up a realm of new possibilities in the market and it will be exciting to track the category’s progress over the next year.Success in the hyper-casual genre might seem easy, but there is plenty of elements to think about.

A hyper-casual game may look pretty straight-forward, but with the increased competition and new and emerging publishers, you need to stand out to succeed.

Hyper-Casual Games Marketing Strategies

Gaming app marketing: Learn the strategies these savvy marketers use to grow their audience and revenue. You should be able to adjust and adapt each time you launch a marketing campaign.

1. Start a YouTube channel to preview your mobile game

2. Build a website to earn more visibility

3. Get noticed by the media

4. Use influencers to boost your mobile game marketing

5. Develop for iOS and Android and localize for more countries

6. Get your game in app store search top results with App Store Optimization

Top 12 Most Popular Hyper-Casual Game Publishers

As you can see, Voodoo tops the list with a whopping 771 million downloads. Although these publishers make some money from in-app purchases, the majority of their revenue comes from ads to their players.

Across the Top 15 countries, on Android, there is a large price difference of the highest median CPI in the US of $0.49 and the lowest in India of $0.03. There is a consistent decrease of CPI until you get to France, after which it drops by $0.11. 

Across the Top 15 countries, on iOS, there is a large price difference between the highest median CPI in the US of $0.74 and the lowest in Brazil of $0.16.  The Netherlands has the lowest CPI among Tier 1 countries

Hyper-casual publishers get 63% of their ad revenue on iOS and 37% on Android.

*statistics have been used from Tenjin Hyper-casual games benchmark report

Hyper-Casual Game Makers

In order to make a good Android game, you’ll need the right development tools, makers and game engines, and there’s plenty out there. But how do you choose?

Expert Level Android Game Makers:

1. Unity 3D

2. Unreal Engine 4

Mid-Level Android Game Makers:

1. Game Maker Studio

2. Game Builder Studio

3. Appypie

4. Corona

Entry-Level Android Game Makers:

1. Fusion 2.5

2. Engine001

3. AppSalute Creator

4. GameSalad

5. Stencyl

6. PlayIR

We know, you can’t wait to make that game a reality now. We hope we’ve provided you some good recommendations as to the best development tools for your idea, now pick your favorite and get developing, and if you’d like to know more check out the game development section.

Most of all, have fun creating your game.

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