Fire Safety Training

Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence

A highly immersive 3D simulator to train users on the principles of Fire Safety in a safe and cost-effective manner.

With this method, trainees can get hands-on approach experience by being in a realistic fire like situation, and learn how to: pull the safety pin on the extinguisher, aiming the nozzle at the base, squeezing the leaver slowly to release the material and sweeping it on the fire to extinguish it.

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The Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is an emergency service operating under the Security Services Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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Fire Safety Simulation

Fire Safety Simulation Training

Here the player will stop the firing of the screen by the following the procedure:

First of all, we need to open the safety pin or lock. Then depending on the change of the direction of the stimulator the direction of the screen will change( like left-right, up-down). Now, when the player presses the simulator, the gas will begin to pass. So focusing on the fire the player needs to spray the gas until the fire stops. When the screen becomes free from fire, it will move to the next scene. In this way, the entire procedure will proceed.

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Firefighting Simulation Game

It is one type of game in which an individual can participate in firefighting procedures virtually. The game is launched by Azmi Studio. From a general point of view, it may seem like only a virtual game. But if we analyze it deeply, we can see that this game may play a vital role in firefighting. By launching this game Azmi Studio opened a new era in the firefighting sector.

How is the Game used in firefighting

Firefighting is one of the most demanding professions. It is not only a higher position in demand but also a higher risk. They need to face and handle multi-dimensional situations. All the time they need to work in new environments and new situations which are unknown to them. From residual firing to the wild level they need to go everywhere.

Important Role in the Firefighting Sector

Fire Fighters must have the proper training to make themselves experts and bring out the situation under control. Not only the fire control but also the personal safety and security of their life is the primary goal. After completing the training when a novice goes to the field level there is a high risk of being in an accident of burning or injury.

The Firefighting Simulation Game can play a crucial role here. For the novice fighter, it may act as practicing instruments as an internship. They can make themselves experienced to handle the fire.

The game is designed in such a way that not only the professional but also the general people can be trained to control fire by using this. Even the child and woman can perform it due to the simple presentation of the firefighting procedure.

Revolutionizing Situational Awareness in Industrial Fire and Safety

Workplace Fire Prevention Measures and Response
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Augmented Reality (AR)


Firefighter has long been a popular choice for young boys (and girls) thinking about their future careers, and the beware of fire. There are also a lot of interesting little factoids about firefighting. Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense represents this book and that was first published in Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2020, this is the first in a series of educational AR books for FSCD featuring the Fire Fighting AR Book.

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Thunderstorms cause significant hazards for wildland firefighters. Do you know our country is a disaster-prone country? It’s the first time Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense represents this book to improve mass awareness for young boys (and girls) thinking about the safety of thunderstorms.

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Azmi Studio didn’t make tall promises. We just delivered. We understood our perspective and constraints and produced a bang-on product. Loved working with us and would recommend without any second thoughts.

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