Azmi Studio declared as one of the Top Game Development Companies of 2021

We are proud of the fact that our name was included in a recent press release about the best game developers in the industry by, a reputed research and review platform of IT service providers.

At Azmi Studio , we believe in delivering the most engaging games to our clients. Our commitment towards client satisfaction is one of the driving factors for our success as one of the premier game development companies.

We always concentrate on building a robust process that entails the following features

Excellent Communication: We at Azmi studio provide round-the-clock support to our clients.

Project scheduling: Our team ensures that you get your project is delivered on-time and within budget.

Turn-key services: We provide turn-key solutions to our clients so that they can focus on their business and leave the technical requirements to us.

Expertise and experience

We have developed a considerable level of expertise within a short span of 3+ years. The impressive combination of our expertise and experience allows us to deliver projects that often exceed the expectations of our customers.

Adherence to NDA

We follow strict security protocols as we know how painful it is when someone steals your idea. At Azmi studios, we have a policy of signing NDA with every client before undertaking the work.

Quality assurance

We have a dedicated team of QA specialists that ensures that our customers get the best quality always.

Our exceptional AR- based game Bangladesh Fire Service:

We have developed an AR-based game for the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense department. The government wanted to increase awareness regarding fire caused due to thunderstorms in the forest areas.

We developed an AR-enabled book that helps children in learning about fire. When a smart phone camera is pointed towards the book, the sounds, animations, 3D objects, and other interactive elements come out of the book and make learning about fire more interesting for the children.

Apart from the book, we have also developed a fire fighting game. In this game, the participants can learn about fire-fighting by playing a simulation game wearing helmets and other special fire-fighting equipment. You can go to our case studies section to find more such interesting projects developed by us.
We have expertise in developing games for iOS, Web, 2D-3D, Android, Facebook, VR, and AR. When you visit Azmi Studio's profile on, you will get to know more about our services, focus areas, pricing structure, and work processes.

Who is is a directory and review platform of IT service providers. The research team of chooses the best firms by filtering a vast list of companies and introduces only the competitive names to the businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to partner with. The company has a friendly team of researchers and a hassle-free communication system.

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