Augmented Reality in Real Estate Solution

Augmented Reality in Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate was the first sector that invested in AR technologies. It is very common to see AR in real estate office as they find it easy to project virtual walkthrough or realistic 360° views of the property to the client. Our cutting-edge AR real estate solutions will allow buyers to experience the space of their future dream home. AR real estate are among such technologies that are forecasting industry’s standard projects helping in increasing the sales.

Augmented Reality provides endless business opportunities for the Real Estate market. Using AR, potential buyers of real estate can already visit the property in 3D before making the effort to travel there. For realtors, AR provides completely new marketing opportunities by making use of location-based services while at the same time providing a unique experience to the buyer.

Real Estate Agents
How AR Helps Real Estate Agents?

If properly applied, augmented reality will provide a number of benefits that will extend to RE agents, their company, and their customers. Some of these benefits include the following:

In order to capably market a property, a realtor has to be very familiar with it. Thus, to know all the nitty-gritty, they often make a handful of trips to the location to add to their notes and refresh their memory. When the person has to juggle a dozen such properties, the trips take a significant toll of time and fuel. Fortunately, a digital model of the house can reduce the number of trips needed and allow the specialist to “return” to the property without ever getting in their car.

Window shopping is known as the practice of checking out goods and products for purchase at a distance. AR can create the same effect in a simulation, giving prospective home-buyers the chance to visit and evaluate a building from afar. This is highly convenient for several reasons. Firstly, there is no pressure from the side of the agent and the customer can explore at their convenience. Secondly, they do not need to drive a long distance to get a tour, which eliminates the disappointment of investing time and money on a physical visit, only for the house to prove unsuitable for their needs. All a customer will really need is access to the simulation and the right hardware.

Although creating a simulation of this type does require some investment, the costs are recuperated with the savings that you can extract from its application. Firstly, fuel costs are reduced both for agents and prospective customers, as they can visit the property remotely, soin-person visits become something reserved for only the most serious clients. Furthermore, estate services hardly need to invest in other marketing and promotional materials when they can just provide access to this convenient resource. Finally, giving tour access to realtors saves their time and allows them to accomplish more during their workday.

There are few technologies as immersive as AR, which can digitally put you in the shoes of a person walking around a building/home. The realism, familiar physics, and interactive elements all contribute to a highly immersive experience, which can help people form an emotional connection with a place. For example, if they go inside the home and fall in love with the woodwork and designs, they will probably want to see and feel it in person. You can hardly get an effect like this if you are relying solely on a video, photos, or other outdated promotional materials.

Unlike physical structures, simulated tours and walkthroughs can be customized with very limited effort. From the side of the realtor, you can customize the tour to appeal to a certain category of customer. For example, you may want to focus on lighting, interior design and zoom features, and detail if the customer is a visual learner; or pop-up windows with detailed facts, statistics, and measurements for those who like to see the numbers. From the side of the client, you can easily add features for them to customize: adding furniture, changing the layout and coloring of a home, picking out possible interior design products they may want to buy (vCommerce), and much more.

Real Estate Buyer
How AR Helps Real Estate Buyer?

While other agencies use 2D prints, 3D models, or detailed videos of a property, it would be distinguished to use AR and make the buyer understand what the property is and what it can become by showing the possibilities in real-time real-size. Some of these benefits include the following:

When providing users with an AR experience using 3D models while they are looking for real estate, they get an instant feel of how the apartment or property is going to look like. Besides, allowing them to go on a virtual tour to see the object beforehand, gives buyers the chance to get inspired by trying out different interior designs and exploring the entire house, garden, and even the basement. And all without leaving your desk.

Instead of traveling to a lot of different locations, AR technology would allow prospective clients to narrow down the list of potential properties before in order to only see and visit a few objects. This way time constraints are not a problem and a purchase decision can be made faster.

What AR solutions we offer for Real Estate Market

Even though AR is a relatively small niche in the big world of software development, there are still plenty of companies and studios that specialize in this type of development and can help you with your project. Among them is Azmi Studio.

Our long history of developing virtual reality software has given us the skills to deliver projects of different size and caliber, while our experience with construction and RE projects makes us uniquely suited to handle a combination of the two. We are the company behind the aforementioned AR furniture, automobile app, as well as several other walkthroughs and simulated tours that bring real houses and buildings to the screen of a headset, computer, or mobile device.

How Augmented Reality Benefits Real Estate Business - 2021

If you are in a Real Estate Business, you must be familiar with the common problems like struggling to explain the property, facing difficulties to show around the properties to buyers. This is because real estate business requires deep satisfaction of clients. Buying of a property has always been a challenging task in real estate. One has to foresee a lot factors for choosing right property. Be it bungalows, flats, hotels, resorts choosing right street or place for the one requires a lot of points to be checked upon like the location, view, interiors etc.

Augmented Reality provides great value at the early stages of a construction project, to the final selling and marketing tools when selling a property. Come out with new ways to engage and connect with its digital-savvy target audience. Now let your buyer know the real size of floor, open/constructed area and let them have the convenience of viewing and experiencing the property in 3D. Get an AR app for your properties.

Market your Properties using Augmented Reality Apps

A Goldman Sachs report predicts that the AR and VR market in real estate will reach at least $80 billion by 2025. As we are heading towards a digital boom, it is said that by 2020, the construction industry will be of 9500 Cr. Sq.Ft. and there will be 730 million digital users. The construction industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in all the sectors of the economy.

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Real Estate Augmented Reality Apps Features

AR View

Using Augmented Reality home Owners & Realtors can visualize their new Homes from Printed brochures using a AR mobile app.


The App projects the Real Estate Property in the 360-degree mode which provides an excellent visual experience.

3D Walkthroughs

Users can easily navigate through the real estate projects in 3d using touch gestures and explore different areas and features within the project.


Provide high-resolution spherical panorama shots. Users can experience this using their mobile phone’s gyroscope.

Digital Catalog Stand

Realtors can host multiple property brochures within the same app. Easy to use swipe gestures with high-resolution.

Cross- Platform

Reach wider audiences with AR apps that work with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

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Augmented Reality means augmenting digital or 3D elements into the living world using smartphone devices or cameras. Whereas Virtual Reality is an interactive depiction of the real world that shuns down the physical world.

The real estate AR App is among the fastest rising app niche. Buyers love to check the details and take full information through mobile apps that to while sitting at their comfort zone. Finding property through the app is easy and therefore buyers like it.


Getting the real estate app developed can give a 60-70% boost in the business deals and also ensures a better turnaround ratio.

The AR development costs depend on the feature list and app functionality. Our team will provide the estimated cost for developing AR-based apps after the strategic analysis of the project.

Our QA team renders testing services before the release process to ensure the app has a seamless performance with the right functionality. We also provide support and maintenance even after the launch given the project stipulation.

We depend on industry-standard platforms like Unity 3D, Arkit, and Arcore to develop AR applications matching your project requirements and domain functionality.

Our team of AR developers will understand your project needs, budget, business logistics, and services to provide the best quote for developing an augmented reality apps.

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