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We’re trying to build an ecosystem of schools that are future thinking and future forward. What we are trying to do is have a consortium of schools and like-minded educators coming together to understand that in-class static learning is not the way into the future.

The joy of learning is missing. The main idea is, can we make teaching-learning more interactive, more engaging and more immersive, rather than being static, in-classroom, lecture, memory-assessment based.

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How to use Augmented Reality

Implementing augmented reality in education in early stage can be industry advantage while targeting to achieve further academic goals.

Choose your favourite Fantastic subjects like science, math etc you’d like to view.

Tap the ‘Menu’ option and then select ‘subject wise category’ to start.

Follow the instruction prompts on the screen to see the 3D model in your room!
Note: pinching in or out will change the size  of the 3D model.

BRAIN QUIZ – topic based questions is a set of puzzle games that makes your mind think outside of the box.

You can get text and narration each topic as well interactive animation will play in front of the camera screen while scanning the specific topic of the book.

Interactive Learning
How AR Helps for Education & Classroom?

Traditional methods of education as we know it are becoming a thing of the past. The so-called EdTech, the education technology industry, is expected to reach $680.1 billion by 2027, growing at an annual rate of 17.9%.

Let’s face it, trying to keep fully engaged for whilst a teacher is speaking or writing on the board, can be difficult at the best of times. Research has shown that we remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and up to 90% of what we do or simulate. It is scientifically proven that Augmented Reality keeps the user fully engaged and immersed in their new environment. It is an active rather than passive way of learning.

Augmented reality can help make a student’s time in the classroom more effective in preparation for the job market. For example, it’s now possible to take virtual job interviews or learn health and safety on a construction site for example. Technology can even allow medical students to safely prepare infusions for patients without the need of a physical body. Practical engaging learning that will assist in preparation for future employment.

What AR solutions we offer for Education

Hands-on learning for your preschooler, kindergarten, nursery, Grade (1-12) with AR learning apps & mobile games. Transform how your children learn by turning your tablet into an early learning tool while learning ABCs and focusing on creativity. Inspire your preschooler to love learning with the help of technology. Azmi AR solutions bring a child’s creative imagination to life with hand held pieces that interact with an mobile/ iPad.

How Augmented Reality Benefits EdTech - 2021

A book can become “magic” by adding AR technology.

Professionals and researchers have striven to apply AR to classroom-based learning within subjects like chemistry, mathematics, biology, physics, astronomy, and other K-12 education or higher, and to adopt it into augmented books and student guides. 

Augmented Reality technology is not a new issue. It has been used in fields such as: military; medicine; engineering design; robotic; telerobotic; manufacturing, maintenance and repair applications; consumer design; psychological treatments, etc. Displaying information by using virtual things that the user cannot directly detect with his own senses can enable a person to interact with the real world in ways never before possible. We can change the position, shape, and/or other graphical features of virtual objects with interaction techniques augmented reality supports. Using our fingers or motions of handheld devices such as shake and tilt we have an ability to manipulate virtual objects, as well as to physical objects in the real world.

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Augmented Reality in Education Apps Features

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Augmented Reality means augmenting digital or 3D elements into the living world using smartphone devices or cameras. Whereas Virtual Reality is an interactive depiction of the real world that shuns down the physical world.

The AR educational App is among the fastest rising app niche. Learners love to check the details and take full information through mobile apps that to while sitting at their comfort zone.

The AR development costs depend on the feature list and app functionality. Our team will provide the estimated cost for developing AR-based apps after the strategic analysis of the project.

Our QA team renders testing services before the release process to ensure the app has a seamless performance with the right functionality. We also provide support and maintenance even after the launch given the project stipulation.

We depend on industry-standard platforms like Unity 3D, Arkit, and Arcore to develop AR applications matching your project requirements and domain functionality.

Our team of AR developers will understand your project needs, budget, business logistics, and services to provide the best quote for developing an augmented reality apps.

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The Complete Guide to Augmented Reality for Education & Book PublicationAugmented reality applications for Education & Book Publication basically fall into 3 categories regarding the complexity of development. While basic apps offer simple 3D objects appearing on your phone, more advanced apps may feature markers/QR codes to initiate AR, HQ interactive animations, etc.

The introduction and use of AR in education create fun and excitement for students. Students become excited to learn. Thus, stirs up their motivation to the learning process. The truth is; AR stimulates better learning process in students. It pushes them into a learning place where they become critical in dissecting new ideas. This increases the imaginative prowess of students in the learning process. At the end, students grow their imaginative and thinking ability. Thus, discovering and getting to know more about themselves through the learning process.

The use of Azmi AR in education brings about increase in student participation in class. With Azmi AR app, students have access to education and learning models. These models aid better and high-level understanding of subjects among students.

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Each AR/ VR genre within apps ecosystem is unique and demands individual approaches while designing an apps. Moreover, our AR/ VR application development capacities enable our developers team  to deliver engaging, attractive, and high performing apps in any desired genre.

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