VR for Real Estate

Advantages of Virtual Reality for Real Estate Buyers and Seller’s Market

Day by day different technology is developing in industrial sectors and diversifying the sector. From a manual process, everything turns into a virtual world. Virtual reality and virtual tours are the most recent technology in the real state.

At present, the 3D plan creates virtual reality. Then explore the virtual world by using a remote and helmet. Without virtual reality, it is almost impossible for you to join the real estate business. So you must include a virtual tour on your site. It will help you to find out what exactly the client wants. Therefore it will help them to decide between buying. Without physical movement, the customer can easily see the house.
The Present Figures At A Glance

For searching home 95% of the customers explore via the internet.

Nowadays it turns mandatory to add virtual reality tours in real state business.

Because to buy a home 51% of clients depend online.

Most of the Millennials appear positive toward virtual reality and almost 71%.

That's why they are quickly adapting to the updated technologies. Whether it takes more time to convince the old generation.

To settle one house most of the time the customers visit 5 to 7 houses. The process takes huge time and money to visit those houses. VR makes the process easier. In this way, the clients can easily select the desired house without too much time, money and effort.

At present before visiting the house directly, 77% of the people want to visit virtually.

Besides, 68% of people were interested in know-how may be the lookup of their furniture in the new house.

Nowadays, most people would like to select those real state agencies which provide virtual tours. For example, 62% of Americans do this.

Advantages Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate Business

Real estate agents are now used to properly present your requirements. Of course, we provide all the elements, furniture, doors, fittings and decorations all in VR quality to your liking. It also makes real estate work more manageable.
Saves Time For Buyers
Coordination of property tours is not easy. When you visit for observing properties, at all times they may not be near to you. Sometimes it may huge distance or the transportation may be difficult from your location. In this case, VR may act as a medium for first-round observation. Then the buyer can directly tour that area which they select from VR. Not only distance place but also you can select properties of other state or country or anywhere you want.
Free From Rush
During direct view sometime the buyers can’t take enough time to observe the property. They need to make decisions faster due to the pressure from the seller or agent. Virtual reality doesn’t create such a rush. The buyer can take enough time for viewing a property. Moreover, they can also review the property.
24/7 Hours Available Tour
The real state agency having VR provides services for 24/7 hours. So there are no time limits for the buyers to visit the property. They can tour the properties day or night whenever they want. Even By using headsets, they can view the properties in absence of the agent.
Minimize The Repeated Decoration Effort
To make the property more attractive to buyers regular deep cleaning and well decoration require. It is difficult to keep the house well decorated for a long period. Besides, it takes too much time and effort for repeated decoration of the home when the buyer visits there. In some cases sellers need to move outside of the house at that moment, it is too pathetic for them. VR overcome the situation. The seller need not move outside and repeated decoration does not require. Customers visit the house and visit it virtually.
Real Estate VR Industry

Future Of Virtual Reality

As soon as possible the taste and smell will be simulated via VR. So the buyer will find the smell of freshly baked cookies in the kitchen during the VR tour. It will attract them more and create a positive impact. Besides, the VR touch system will make them able to touch and feel the furniture and texture of the home. The VR experts trying to update the VR in such a way that the VR tour will be almost identical to the real one.


Matterport plays a vital role in optimal quality VR. The 3D scanning of a property can be done via Matterport within a second. Within a few moments, the scans were uploaded to the cloud. Then different algorithms automatically process those scans within a few hours. Finally, it amalgamates the scannings and is visible in Dollhouse View which can see from inside or outside, or 2D (Floor Plan) View.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can virtual reality damage your brain?
No, virtual reality can't damage the brain. But somebody thinks that virtual reality can damage the brain. But there is no logical evidence that virtual reality can induce continuous brain damage in adults and children.
Is VR acceptable for kids under 12?
Sometimes, VR is not acceptable for children under 12 because it has small edges with strong edges. These can cause them to hurt. Sometimes suffocation can occur if the parts become detached. In addition, children (under 12) are more likely to develop some physical and mental problems. So it should not be used by people under 12 years of age.
How can I get started?
We require only 3D graphic files from the architects.
I want to see a real-world demo, Do you have VR devices?
Yes, Of course, we have.
Can I know, what I need to purchase?
Only VR Headset nothing any other devices. If you want to cast it a monitor then also need a PC otherwise it's okay.
Can I know which VR Headset is okay to get started?
If you have budget issues, you can start with the VR headset Oculus Quest 2. On the other hand, If you want optimum results and there is no limitation to building a PC then we recommend HTC Vive Pro VR headset.
VR tours are becoming increasingly important in the real estate business. This is because they can provide accurate information about the property to buyers. There is further research going on and it turns VR tours into such an advanced position that it will be difficult to differentiate between real tours and VR tours. Here the positive impact is the change in real estate organization and the reduction of customer visiting fees.

Virtual reality is becoming a very big industry for the architect industry in the future. And its use will spread to all regions. Using this technology to improve your business will take you one step further. Architects and designers make their work a reality through apps with the help of technology. And they present the work through 2D or 3D models.
Business like Azmi Studio is committed to making the incredible business potential unlocked by augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) more accessible for business. Where do you see Extended Reality (XR) - AR, VR, and MR heading over the next few years?

Let us know in the comments!

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