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The word Augment is meant to increase something or making great by adding some elements. So Augmented is increasing of any object value by mixing or adding other elements. The term Augmented Reality sounds like a science fictional fantasy but in practice, it is the technology that agitates our regular practical life.

In the view of technological definition, Augmented Reality (AR) renders a computer-generated image in front of the eye so that a smarter and composite view of the real world can be seen.

The generated view of the real world is augmented with elements like sounds, videos, coloring text, modified graphic animations or images. Sometimes AR gets conflicted with Virtual reality (VR). Both are quite different in structure, application, meaning, etc. Virtual reality conveys a person into another realm while he is living in the real world. For example, some electronic devices make him enjoying the sea in his office

How Does AR work?

At present, too large extent Augmented reality is used by software and operated by smartphones. Normally it adds some elements of the real world image to make an optimistic view so that the user can have a proper idea of that holographic content. At present, mostly used and successful AR application is Snapchat.

It only creates so many funny faces or objects when someone opens up the smartphone camera to take a picture of something. Also, Facebook messenger & Instagram use the AR for more attractions.

The popular game “Pokemon Go” is made upon AR. Along with numerous features, this new technology opens a lot of opportunities in the real world. Now AR is used for recreation or gaming purposes. But on practical life, numerous purposes can be served by AR. Most tech industries are investing billions in AR. It is expected that in 2022, AR will be around $200 billion worthy industry. Here are some probable aspects of AR.

There are many industries which put this technology to good use and soon AR will be used everywhere in industries for the benefit and improvement of human performance. Apart from gaming & recreation purpose, AR can be useful in the following Industries:

Medical: Patients can receive a quality full treatment and medical professionals can enter into the complex medical situations by 3D forms. Besides medical training efficiency and instrument operation training can be boosted up by AR tech applications like ‘Anatomy 4D’.

Retail Business: In a fancy fabric or footwear showroom, AR can remove a customer’s trial stress. AR App like ‘Wanna Kicks’, ’Lacoste’, ‘RIXO London’ etc, shows him how he is looked with the dress without wearing this. It is also the same for cosmetics. They have also apps like ‘InkHunter, L’oreal Paris, L’oreal Style My hair’ etc can help the customer to give an idea how will they look after using the cosmetics and makeover.

Home Decoration: One can decorate or redecorate his house with the help of AR. Some applications like ‘Housecraft’ or ‘Houzz’ can help you either resize your furniture decorations or sketch the whole apartment. Another latest app ‘IKEA PLACE’ helps to generate 3D image for the room with an every single & required commodities.

Real Estate Business: Real estate is now taking the help of AR. As there is no need to elaborate site mapping, aerial footage for maximum knowledge, 3D rendering or visual presentation. Commercial real estate AR software like ‘Azmi Augmented Reality’, ‘Azmi Real State App’ can scan or picture the whole area & also provides detail information for most applicable decorations & development without any further technical hazards.

Education: The education field is one of the biggest sectors of AR implementation. It will change the way of learning. AR will provide practical knowledge & information towards the students especially in critical subjects like physics, chemistry, cosmology, genetic engineering, aerodynamics, etc.

The holographic images, videos show how the laws work in practical life. ‘Element 4D’ app is used in Chemistry class. ‘Google Translate’ either an AR portal which helps in Education greatly.

Manufacturing Industry: AR can explore almost every sector of the manufacturing industry. Mainly the design of the product under AR can remove the maximum flaws, saves time in trial & error attempt, carry out the highest performance. Other sectors are data management, maintenance, development, and logistics also influenced greatly.

AR for Fitness: A bulky guy can get a possible image his transformation if he works out daily for one or two hours. He can also get some ideas about his health condition when he is 30/40 pounds out. All these can be turned into possibility by AR fitness. How diet can change body shape, which particular exercise is the best for daily workout etc.

Using a holographic fitness trainer is the biggest breakthrough in the AR fitness application. Some AR fitness app like ‘Suggestic’ helps you which diet is the best and most suitable for your health even if you are in a restaurant.

These are some possible aspects of Augmented reality. But they can be more in real life. Everything in our regular life can be re-organized and shaped with AR. As technology is upgrading new ideas are emerging as well as tech giant companies are investing billions, the day is very close when we will use the AR into our home for daily purpose even to shape our dream while sleeping.

Considering this dream, Azmi Studio is trying to make this dream into reality. It is an ongoing tech developing institute that practicing Augmented Reality for regular use, gaming industry and also for some simulation purpose. The focus of AZMI is to convey the meaningful technology not only for the locomotive service also for beyond border.
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